Put Brevard Kids First is a grassroots campaign to support funding the Children's Services Council (CSC) of Brevard

"The health and well-being of our children in Brevard County is on the forefront of everyone's minds lately. In addition to discussions of school safety and the opioid crisis, communities across Florida are taking a hard look at the services and resources available to help children and families.

There are many things we do well for children here on the Space Coast, most notably our quality schools. However, we are doing the community a disservice if we do not also examine how children are cared for in the 18 hours a day they are not in a formal school setting or for those young children in their most formative years of early development.  This is when the children are most vulnerable and potentially at risk."

Judge Kelly McKibben, Chair CSC of Brevard  in a May 20th op-ed(click here to read)


There are currently ten Children’s Services Councils throughout the State of Florida.   Children’s Services Councils help families by ensuring the best use of local tax dollars and working to serve the greatest number of children, determining the specific needs of local children, youth and families and coordinating with other local agencies, public/private funders and stakeholders dedicated to the welfare of children.

The Children’s Services Council of Brevard has operated unfunded since its formation in 1990. However, we believe that for the future health and well-being of all Brevard children, it is time to seek voter approval for funding.

On July 24th, 2018 the CSC will be asking the Brevard County Commission to approve ballot language to be placed on the ballot in November 2018.

Put Brevard Kids First is a Political Committee formed with the express purpose of communicating with the voting public on this important issue.   Co-Chairs Jeff Kiel and Kathryn Rudloff, will lead a coalition of community supporters and child-welfare activists, and we need your help!

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