2018 Movement to Support CSC's in Florida

Throughout the state, multiple counties are seeking to go to ballot in 2018 to create CSC’s.   Orange, Alachua, Lee, and Leon.   Why this year?

  • Florida was recently ranked in the bottom 10 for child wellbeing in a nationwide study by the Annie E. Casey Foundation.    This was a detailed study that looks across 12 various indicators of well being and ranked each state, by county.  The results for Florida were disheartening, and a growing movement calling on state and local leaders to take immediate action and prioritize our children.

  • 1 in 5 Florida children lives in poverty.  Add to that, the fact that Florida is booming with an estimated 1000 people a day moving to Florida, our social safety net is stretching at or beyond capacity.

  • Too often funding for children and family services is used as the political pawns of state and federal legislators.   Local efforts to meet demand struggle to keep up with the whims of these politicians, and unreliable funding hamstrings their best efforts to provide critical services, let alone grow and expand them.

  • Finally, post-Parkland, there is a hyper awareness that the kids are not all right.  The emotional and behavioral health of our youth is crying out for help.   Here in Brevard, we saw a record 7 teenage suicides last year.  Everyone is unfortunately aware right now that we as a society are failing at supporting the basic needs of children and families.


Statewide Campaign Launched to Improve The Lives of Florida Children

"Children's advocates in Florida say state officials need to put just as much effort into improving the lives of families, as they do promoting tourism or the state's business climate. They say that lack of focus is one reason Florida ranks in the bottom 10 states for child well-being.

Leon County: Children's Services Council a Good Investment

Lee County:  Children's Services Council Necessary

Orange County: Children's Trust Orange County Launches